Our solar flagpole lights are the most powerful, efficient, and longest-lasting flag pole lights on the market. Solar flag lights provide light by absorbing and storing sunlight during the day to be used after dark.

Our flagpole lights are great for situations where you don’t have a wiring or electric run to where you need your lights shone. This is a great energy-efficient way to keep your flag or flags illuminated and save money in the process.

Our lower lumen top of pole disk lights are great for residential-sized flags in your front yard. If you need something more powerful, check out the commercial-grade 380-lumen option to keep your flags lighted throughout the night. 

Our light sensors automatically turn on at dusk and can store enough energy to be used throughout the duration of the night.

Order any of our flag pole lights today and we’ll throw in free shipping!

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Commercial Solar Flag Light
Commercial II Grade Solar Flag Light The new commercial grade solar flag light is big,...
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Professional Solar Disk Flag Light
Professional Solar Disk Topper Flag Light The professional solar disk flag light makes a great...
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